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  1. AnotherPB provides free access to several reports and tools - all you need to do is register. Other reports and analyses are only accessible via a subscription service. Click here for more information.

  2. AnotherPB is passionate about being able to influence the fundamental business model of funding within the Swimming Community.

    There are many examples of businesses that create income using smart technology. AnotherPB's strategy to achieve this is best described using this value proposition:


    AnotherPB provides the DATA and creates the INFORMATION that our customers see VALUE in. Create enough of this value to then stimulate sufficient interest that creates a source of REVENUE. Create enough revenue to drive a PROFIT and so provide a source of FUNDING. More details can be found at Swim it Forward. In supporting AnotherPB, you will be contributing to this idea.

  3. AnotherPB is also passionate about providing value in the services offered.

    The reports and graphs we provide are designed by swimmers, swimmers' families and Coaches for swimmers, swimmers' families and Coaches. Therefore they focus on useful and interesting perspectives giving insights that are not normally obvious. They are designed to give value to our users.

    If you do not see the 'value' and choose not to subscribe, that's OK. However, we would like to think we can remain friends and you will perhaps register and keep coming back for the free stuff.

    AnotherPB's strategy is to keep coming up with innovative analyses and add more interesting ways to provide insight into your swimmers performance. So please do keep coming back and checking things out. If you think more valuable reports and graphics can be created, we are open to suggestions so please let us know!

  4. It is AnotherPB's desire to avoid the use of sponsors, pop-ups or ads. Your subscription will help us maintain the ability to keep our independence from such distractions.

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