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PB Performance Analysis

Short Course

Ref Date Meet Session Time PB Split
8 05/Jun/21 2021 MetSEA Winter Champs F 9:30.00 -14.31 -
7 22/Jun/19 2019 MetSEA Winter Championships F 9:44.31 -10.14 -
6 11/Aug/18 2018 MSW Short Course Qualifying Meet F 9:54.45 -19.13 -
5 26/May/18 Tuggeranong Vikings Annual Qualifying Meet F 10:13.58 -7.24 -
4 12/Aug/17 2017 MSW SC Qualifying Meet F 10:20.82 -14.72 -
3 27/May/17 Tuggeranong Vikings Annual Qualifying Meet F 10:37.24 1.70 -
2 21/May/17 Metsea Development Camp F 10:35.54 -18.35 -
1 06/May/17 JETS Winter SC Carnival - 6 & 7 May 2017 F 10:53.89 0.00 -

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