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AnotherPB Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why should I need to use AnotherPB when there's a National Database of results?
A:  AnotherPB does not replace the National Database. The National Database provides links to on-line entries and is part of the overall process required to administer swimming activities. Swimmers are required to use the National Database of swims if they are to enter carnivals and the like. Its data structures however do not allow analysis, trending and graphics designed to turn data into information. That's where AnotherPB is different. AnotherPB is designed and constructed with the ability to 'slice and dice' the data into information. AnotherPB provides a service that is complimentary to the National Database process.
Q: How do you decide which meets to include in
A:  Initially, we want to ensure that we cover all meets from area/region/district and above (i.e. area/district/region, state and national). However, our vision is to include all swim meets no matter where swum.
Q: Why does my swimmer show up 2 or more times in the selection window?
A:  This is due to the fact that your swimmer is listed more than once in the database. This is normally caused by data errors in Team Manager ID's and in turn caused by incorrect or inconsistent names or errors in dates of birth. Once found these can are easily corrected. Please send us a message via the contact us link below if you find this is the case for any of your swimmers.
Q: Why do the details of my nominated swimmers seem to change when I choose certain options?
A:  What you are seeing is how AnotherPB now works. With the upgrade to the new site as of June/2012, there are now 2 levels of membership registered and subscribed. Registration is free and allows a member limited access to certain reports and screens, whereas a subscribed member has access to all areas. Accessing one of the reports that is only available to subscribed members, registered members will be shown details based on sample swimmers only. On such reports you will see a SAMPLE DATA watermark and the list of MY SWIMMERS changes to Another PBers. As a registered member, what you are seeing is the data changing to sample data which is based on other swimmers e.g. 13 year old boys.